curbside pickup

Valet Curbside Pickup

Phone with Curbside pickup app.
  • New One-Click
  • Curbside Text / Cloud based
  • Two way communication

named best curbside pick up solution by microsoft - 2021


Sign for curbside pickup with phone getting a pickup message.
  • Increase efficiency and order fulfillment.
  • Save staff labor hours by having guests pull up to designated Valet Curbside Pickup area or traditional Curbside space.
  • No need to allocate prime parking spaces in the front.
  • Guests feel connected and communicated with, via two way text —no need to call the store and hope someone answers.

Ensure Order Accuracy

Curbside runners need to have access to queue management that clearly shows the customer name, order number, car model and color, plus parking spot location, the problem of order inaccuracy is reduced if not completely eliminated.

Fast Forward

Efficient Queue Management

With the increase in curbside sales, merchants are having difficulty managing the queue during peak hours. We are experts at queue management that put the controls in the hands of runners and managers to create a seamles experience for in-store pickup and curbside pickup.


Clarity at Pickup

Customers are often unsure of what to do at pickup when they arrive at their selected store location. A combination of our technology with real-time notifications and clear directional sign can elimitate customer confusion and ensure a seamless experience upon arrival.

The Evolution of Curbside Pickup

Sign for where to start the queue for curbside pickup.

Curbside Pickup 1.0

  • Just line up in your car.
  • Perhaps call the store.
Sign with an assign parking space for curbside pickup.

Curbside Pickup 2.0

  • Park in designated parking spaces.
  • Call the store.
  • Text the store.
  • Use store's app.
Sign for curbside pickup with the Qbuster Curbside Pickup app.

Curbside Pickup 3.0

  • Park anywhere and wait to be called to Valet Curbside Pickup.
  • Press "curbside" button embedded in pickup.